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Thread: When to go to Th10

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    When to go to Th10

    Hello everyone,

    I see a lot of posts asking whether to move up town halls at various levels but I think others would agree that there are a lot of Th9s asking about Th10 upgrades.
    Th9 is a huge grind and requires a lot of effort to achieve max heroes but overall, I think most would agree that it isnít worth the loss of loot when just dark elixir farming to max heroes at Th9 because the economy of dark at Th10 is so much better. Mass miners gives you the opportunity to farm dark elixir for the cost of very little or none dark making the profit of each raid much higher. That being said, every level at Th9 makes it easier at 10.
    I think overall, my advice with Th9 would be that if you are Th9 and interested in maxing as much as possible then max all defences, max your lab fully and max your walls. If you are overflowing with gold/elixir because you have nothing to spend either on, itís time to go to Th10. If your heroes are both 20+, great, it makes your life easier when you hit 10.
    So in conclusion, in my opinion, if you want to use Th9 to the best of its ability, max all until you are only farming heroes in which case you should go up. This is what I did and I went up with heroes at 20/16 and I fully maxed Th10 with 40/40 heroes. It is certainly possible.
    Regardless, this is all my opinion and I am only trying to be helpful to all those wondering about that Th10 upgrade. I canít advise whatsoever past Th10 since I have no experience with it but this is a question that seems a common ask, and I want to give a valid answer.

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    It's time to go to th10 when both heroes are level 30.

    Finland ->

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    when any of the following occur.

    1 Royals are maxed 30/30
    2 if your lab is done with the current troop/spells for its level.
    3 when you are all out of Def/Wall upgs AND/or either 1, or 2 have occured, or at least very close on 1, or 2.
    my humble 2 cents worth of comment.

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