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Thread: Clan war for builder hall an interesting idea

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    Clan war for builder hall an interesting idea

    This idea include a sister clan

    Let say we have 4 clans viz., Clan A+, Clan A-, Clan B+, Clan B-.
    Assuming Clan A+, Clan A- are sister clans where as Clan B+, Clan B- are sister clans

    Total war weight will be included Both Clan A+/B+, Clan A-/B-

    There will be 2 wars for each clans
    Below is the war line up for clan A+
    Clan A+ vs Clan B+
    Clan A+ vs Clan B-
    Similarly with Clan A-
    Clan A- vs Clan B+
    Clan A- vs Clan B-

    There will be 2 winning rewards
    Winner for individual war and
    And Winning side rewards( Clan #+ and Clan #- total star )
    Where # is A or B.

    Explaining Wining side reward

    Lets say Clan A+ get 30 stars from both war and Clan A- get 20 stars
    So total star from Clan A+ and Clan A- side is 50.
    Similarly Clan B+ get 27 stars from both war
    and Clan B- get 25 stars
    So total star from Clan B+ and Clan B- side is 52.
    So Wining side reward will get to Clan B+ and B-.

    Rest all attack and defense are similarly to normal main village wars.

    Additional to this there will be no scout or replay option available, only direct attack option.
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    Sc ruled this out multiple times. They considered a kind of war but decided that builder base shouldnt get it → builder base is build to be a solo experience.

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