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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloB View Post
    You’ll need to Move Up before you’ll get anything then
    oh ok.... thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    In silver league, he will face anything from th8(very rarely) to TH13. 90% fo what he sees should be in the TH10-TH12 range. At lower leagues, the search is very heavily weighted towards those within 1 TH level of your own.

    Once you reach Champiosn or above, that weighting is removed, and you just see a random selection of bases close to you in trophies.
    Well thank you 🤯

    I never new about the change in rules at champs and titans. I always thought it was heavily weighted +-1TH until legends.

    Keep that knowledge coming. 🧠

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    Quote Originally Posted by zok000 View Post
    You will need to contact in game support. No one here can help. We a all players like yourself.

    What league were you in?
    It appears that the answers provided by other players answered his concern.

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