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    Donation Inbox

    I don't understand why we still can't have an inbox that shows the donations log just the same way they appear on our screen when we're online.

    It's ultimately frustrating that I still can't figure out who is donating those wallbreakers. I understand the mechanics to making requests Troop and Level specific might be a little difficult to develop, or maybe it's the "Beggars can't be choosers" fundamental that has drawn that option out.

    In a competitive clan, the donations aren't exactly "donations". We aren't charity. We give and get equally, and we all belong to each other. After all, if our member goes into war with goblins, we're all getting affected. So don't think of it as donations but as a mechanic.

    That said, there's always that one jokester or friend who likes to mess around. We're not planning to give anyone the death penalty, but it'd just be cool to know who so that we can return the favor. Think of this one as a donation

    Inbox for donations please. Been waiting for clan castle regulations since 2015.

    Happy new year and may it be a blessed 2020 for you all!

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    From the Currently Ruled Out Ideas sticky thread in the Ideas & Feature Requests subforum:

    "Identify Clan Castle troop donors either online (if you miss the message) or offline"

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