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Thread: Mystery Derby and Town visitor tasks are NOT balanced at all.

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    Mystery Derby and Town visitor tasks are NOT balanced at all.

    How is it not fixed that if you take on town visitor tasks you may not even get those specific people to come to your town at all? I am level 39 and just got my personal train open and mystery derby got me my first town visitor (Dancer) serving task. How ever its a bit hard to get those done if i never get any of those quest to my town at all. It is totally unbalanced compared to every other kind of tasks like mining which can be done in 2 minutes. Personal train COULD help if any of my friends got ANY of those dancers on their platform but its been 24 hours and i have managed to find one who I have served. FIX THIS BROKEN THING!!!

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    I had 4 town tasks this mystery derby. At my level one took a couple of days, the rest went fairly fast because of stacking. The first one was done in 2 minutes. At your low level I would not be pulling mystery tasks. I doubt they are going to change things. Good to ask, but I would not be holding my breath.
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