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Thread: New TH10 Armies

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    New TH10 Armies

    Hey guys. I just hit TH10. I rushed my king and queen a bit, they're both 24 right now. I made sure the first things I upgraded were my camps and barracks. I have all troops and in a few days, full capacity for a TH10. With that in mind, what trophy range should I try to get for farming? What are some good armies, one for pure farming and another for trophy pushing, should I use. Ideally I'd like the trophy pushing army to be economical as well. Thanks.

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    For farming more elixir there is always the option of doing barch in Crystal league. When I was th10 I used mass miners or miners with Queen Walk in Master- often used them without spells against dead bases and used spells only for active bases with very good loot (like 1 million each).

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    Best trophy range 1600-2600.. right now th10 is the best th to farm. You'll get 600k gold & elixer and 4-7k dark in almost every attack. Once in a while u may fing a million gold & elixer each.
    Strategies farming-Mass miner,queen walk miner as they are least dark consuming. If u get bored with miners use pekkaBoBat

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