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  • Kangaroos. Unlocked at Level 20, are cheap and can drop kangaroo meat that is made into burgers

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  • Camels. Unlocked at Level 10 but are 1000 coins and drop meat that can be made into a burger

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  • Crocodiles. They dive deep down and catch other crocodiles and you can cook their tails

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  • Alpacas. They can be sheared for alpaca wool and unlocked at Level 20 and are cheap.

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Thread: Add Camels, Frogs And Kangaroos

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    Thumbs Up Add Camels, Frogs And Kangaroos

    I have a new update idea. The Australia Day update! On Australia Day, 26 January, this year we should add three new animals.
    1. Camels. Unlocked at Level 10 but cost about 1000 coins. On the barbeque you can cook them for meat.
    2. Frogs. Unlocked with Fishing at Level 27 and can drop frog legs, which can be cooked.
    3. Kangaroos. Unlocked at Level 20 and are cheap. Roos are the most well known animal Down Under! Kangaroos drop kangaroo meat, which makes a ‘kanga-burga’ or a kangaroo burger

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    Sounds like fun, I would love to have more animals other than the cows, chickens, goats, and pigs.

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    The only country that gets special treatment is... the one that buys the most diamonds. Nope it's not Australia. Even the developers (Finland) and owners (China) dont insert their national or cultural stuff in the game.

    The animal suggestions are cute (we already have frogs), but a new harvest-able animal will sit at the head of the hierarchy of a new product chain, injecting a massive number of new products. Unlikely to happen. They would be fine as pets though.
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    we already have meat and wool and we already have frogs

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