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Thread: [TH13] Is bowitch dead?

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    when th 13 released ....bowitch was my main war and farm attack with high % and lots of 3 stars as a th 12 ...then about a week after th 13 ...suddenly those attacks i was getting less and less on %..till one day.. a base i have gone against a bunch of time with bowitch ...everything died at the wall ....including the ww...heros...figure i just got real bad at using bowitch overnight...but something in back of my mind says coc tweeked the bowitch to a point of being useless...

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    Well... I didn't start using the 8 quake bowler/witch/ice golem army until TH13 and it has been good enough that I've used it vs certain bases in war attacks. My normal raiding army is QC laloon but bowlers and witches can still be effective.

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    PeBoWitch didn't die. 3 stars do a lot!
    Instead, they use Electro-Dragon well in the early stages.
    You can watch the video on my youtube channel.
    YouTube :
    TH13 Air Attack Strategy
    TH13 Ground Attack Strategy
    TH12 Batspell Strategy
    TH12 island base Strategy

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