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Thread: Soo close yet so far

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    Soo close yet so far

    So this league we were in master 1 infact we still are as the result of day 7 came.
    So the clan that we were facing was on no 1 and we at no 2 they were 13 stars ahead of us before day7 started we both were undefeated till day 7 .
    In the end of day 7 it all came down to % and we beat em on % on day 7 and over all they beat us by 2 stars
    So basically we won 7 outta 7 wars they won 6 but they get promoted because they performed better on the other days we did too but those 90%+ 2 stars hurted us at the end and a guy missing his attack on day 6 coz he got stuck in his work he came on right after war ended like he was just 30 sec late.
    So thats our experience this league.
    At the end what we thought was well we beat em all and enjoyed
    Anyone else had the same feelings of being soo close yet soo far
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