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Thread: Troop upgrading order?

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    Troop upgrading order?

    I've been bh9 for a little while now, and out of my troops I have maxed pekkas, loons, minions and cannons. The rest are lvl 16 (babys 10, hogs not available yet.) Yes I know it always depends on a enemy base what to use and there isnt a single clear 3* tactic blablabla.. But from now on, what should I upgrade next? What's the current meta and what do people use _mostly_ at higher trophies? What would be most usefull "all round" troop?

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    If hogs are not available yet, then maybe it's time to get on that?

    I don't see people using anything but pekkas, dropships, minions, cannons, hogs and sometimes an Sneaky Archer dripper comes along too.

    So, the answer to your question is: get on the Hog train -- tooot tooot, all aboard.

    You can get really far with just minion-drops, though.

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    I would base the upgrades on Season Challenges. Mainly to prevent the use of Power Options.

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    Hogs to 18 or sneaky archers to 18 depending on what you raid with
    witches, giants and babies you can do last or near last
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    Hogs nonstop until its maxed.

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