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Thread: Troop is given damage but not from defense

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    Troop is given damage but not from defense

    I placed down one wizard and while it was attacking it was taking damage itself. There was nothing attacking it and it was the only troop that was placed. What was making it take damage?

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    Perhaps ran into a trap...small bomb or something..
    Can u provide a ss or a vid?

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    Tornado Trap maybe, since it is dealing low damage once.
    Other traps like Bombs or Giant Bombs?

    Best if you could share a replay to really see what's happening.

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    seen the same thing with dragon and e defense left yet those troops are still taking damage attacking storage or mines...... also seen a pack of bowlers fade away after attacking an elixer storage...with no defense left no bomb or traps the just kept taking damage with each throw..and disappeared with the storage ...

    but some times a skeleton from a witch out of the cc survives and till wiz is done with attack.. skeleton can damage wiz...

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    Have you checked for any sneaky CC reinforcements that might be causing all the trouble?
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