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Thread: When to give up

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    When to give up

    I normally love mystery derbies but this is one that I wish I never started.
    I am a single neighbourhood and the first one I got was for 18 smoothies. I ran out of time as I was sleeping and had to cancel the task.
    Then I got 6 school teachers and did not have a single one in town. Two days later and 7/8 trains and still only 4 school teachers one of which came from Greg's town.
    I am at a loss of what to do. It is very unfair I think. What would you do?

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    It’s been some time since this thread was originally posted, but it is one way to holler for help when a small NH or solo player needs townies. I have a baby farm that often goes walk-a-bout to help others. Feel free at any time to PM anyone in the thread that has offered help.
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    Well 2 more trains and still no more school teachers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrybumpkin View Post
    Well 2 more trains and still no more school teachers.
    I would tap on the link Momscar provided above and send a PM to one or more of the volunteers here on the forum
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