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    I would like to thankMomscar for everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsYouWish View Post
    Many thanks, ILoveHayDay, for this lovely thread, and for being so wonderful I have adopted you into my heart.

    I want to thank our “Mother Goose”, Tiggerr129 for teaching me how to play this game.

    I would like to thank our beloved John (BOROYOB) for teaching me how to fish - I think of him everyday when I’m at the lake. I’m crying, missing him, and hoping he has a wonderful fishing spot in Heaven. Have to stop here as I can’t see through tears.
    Thank you AsYouWish, you've always been so kind to me, encouraging & supportive through my undergrad degree, and a delight on the forum.

    Paging Tiggerr129, you around??

    I recently came upon an old post of BOROYOB's and paused a moment to remember him. He is missed.

    Quote Originally Posted by ninagrozdanovic View Post
    My thanks goes to ilovehayday for taking initiative to help with my forum account.
    You're welcome, I am glad it all worked
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    I want to thank all of the faithful farmers who submit questions, answers, advice and general information to this forum. You help when we need help, you listen when we vent, and you forgive us when we vent and you calm us down when needed. You all are the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovehayday View Post

    You're welcome, I am glad it all worked
    Me too. 😊😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovehayday View Post
    Paging Tiggerr129, you around??
    Tiggerr is on a long break but I’ll pass the thanks on to her!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahoe View Post
    Many forumers here are also wonderful, helpful friends I play with in-game. Far too many to mention, but I sincerely thank you all. There are a couple of additional people I would like to acknowledge though.

    First, I want to thank my hoodmate Snooks, who has been there for me through a very trying 2019 (not to mention she always gives me her townies for the derby). Thank you Snooks♥️

    The other person is Cowslips. She was my first forum friend (aside from Bmille, of course, who is everyone's first friend��). Cowslips' poise and professionalism on the forum is top notch. She is always willing to go the distance to help others and has been a great role model. All my respect, C♥️
    Aw, thanks Tahoe. You’ve likewise been an amazing support to me & a fast friend. I’m glad I picked up the game again (thanks to you, btw). You’re a great teacher, an ever helpful and generous hoodie, and a fantastic forumer. Ty.

    Thanks to *all* of my in-game friends—couldn’t do it without you. It’s tough without multiple farms, lol. To those who can manage all of that, I admire your dedication (and your organizational and time-management skills)! Forum farmers—thanks for sharing info, advice and opinions here.


    P.S. Does Nick count? He plays too, right? His consistent presence on the forums, keeping us informed, helping people out, and having some fun here and there, make this corner of the forums a valuable and fun place to be.

    (Side note: Also, special shout-out to the HD ladies who joined me in celebrating my forum-versary years ago. You know who you are and what I refer to, lol.) *Snooks’ hugs*

    Thanks for the pic, Katana! (And Tahoe for getting a working link, lol.)

    I still need a new quote, though. Waiting for just the right one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovehayday View Post
    Give thanks to a farmer or many farmers!

    First of all, thank you ILHD for this timely thread. Recently, I was reading a thread posted a few years ago and appreciated the posts made by a poster who hasn't posted for a while and I miss her wisdom.

    This poster has taught me to welcome new posters because when more posters participate, the more diverse our opinions will be and everyone will benefit as we see all sides of an argument. At a time when I was a new forumite trying to find my voice and comfort level, she was supporting and championing the minority, unpopular opinion. When she stood up and spoke out against the vocal majority, I admire her courage because there were times she stood alone against the tide of popular opinion, teaching me that doing the right thing is more important than remaining silent and going with the flow.

    Thank you for all the lessons and I hope to be good as a student as you are a teacher, LetTheMusicPlay.

    Lynn, Clasher, Farmer, and now Boomer
    January 10, 2020
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    In what ways am I grateful? Let me count my blessings.

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