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I've posted quite a few times on bugs/glitches and no one has answered my post.. Why?

Not sure if anyone has this problem but whenever I try chatting in my hood chat sometime I can type fine, and other times it flickers like a switch. It lets me type few words or letters then it give me a odd option to minimize keyboard or a back arrow. I'm not sure if this is a game related problem, device, or the is itself.
Does anyone have a suggestion?

I play on kindle fire 7th generation.
I also have this issue on the kindle. I've tried installing other keyboards, but the issue persists. I have not found a fix for it.
Sometimes if I exit the game completely, reload, and not touch anything else before typing, it works fine. But as soon as i start clearing off ovens, it happens again. My best guess is that it's an overlay issue. The keyboard is supposed to be on top of everything else when in use, but it seems like something else dominates the top layer(?) and forces the keyboard to minimize.
Because of this issue, I communicate with my hood through 3rd party apps (such as discord, skype, FB messenger, etc).