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Thread: These blasted ring bases................

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    These blasted ring bases................

    Hi all,

    First post so be gentle! Apologies if i'm reapeating anything.

    I'm really struggling with this new ring base meta in Legend League. Last season i finished top 200 in UK but at the moment i just cannot seem to get to grips with it.

    I've been using the Yeti spam, something seems to have changed and now i struggle to get 2 stars. Moving to Queen walk hogs and i'm doing even worse at that!!

    I know the best plan is to funnel 2 corners but any other tips thats working for anyone!!

    Thanks all!

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    Have you tryed different army compositions?

    And welcome to the forum.
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    Max your champion. Once you clear a side and get 50%, you can send her after the th and she will take it out by herself. Rings dead! Itís coming, just gotta start seeing more max champs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlatulusMaximus View Post
    Max your champion. Once you clear a side and get 50%, you can send her after the th and she will take it out by herself. Rings dead! It’s coming, just gotta start seeing more max champs.
    RC will fail if there are more defense buildings near the Town hall, which is most likely the case nowadays in Legends league

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    Use 3 stage attacks instead of spam.

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    I find having a slammer and rc saved for the back end is a good way of cleaning up anti 2s clear one side then send them in.

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    I think you will find that all that’s changed is defenses are beginning to strengthen. The yeti spam against a th12 will crush, but now th13 players have had some time to run a few cycles on defense upgrades the spam is less effective.

    further to this base designs are probably beginning to defend against the yeti spam. So it’s a double edge.
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    If it's the base I think it is, look up Itzu on youtube.
    The base is easily crushed with queen charge miners.

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    Ring bases have returned to counter yetis spam.

    Go back to AQ walk. Avoid spam armies.

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Yes indeed, the ring bases can be a pain! I find the key is generally patience, and holding back some troops.

    I'm using QW with Pekka/Bowler, or QW with hogs (alternating between the two armies)

    On a ring base, I start with a longer QW (attempting to either clear the enemy cc, or hit the Eagle) - paying close attention to where the Air defences are, and now also where the Scattershots are (either of those can take down your healers, if you're not careful)

    Once you've cleared enough of one side, send in your main army, along with a wall wrecker - but keep back a Pekka and a few bowlers (and ideally a freeze and rage spell for the town hall, and a jump spell to get into the centre)
    If your main army doesn't go into the centre, hold back until you are SURE that your 'pocket' troops will go to the core, and then put in the last Pekka to take down the town hall (perhaps with the Champion, as mentioned above)

    I was sharing a bunch of raids like this in my clan last night (I had used a Power Potion and hero potion - so was getting a bunch of 3 star raids in low Legends) - if you want to visit and see a few, feel free to send me a message, or post your clan details and I'll come and visit you.

    QW is still a very powerful raid.... but takes a while to learn. And can still go wrong with some sneaky traps! Good luck!

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