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Thread: When’s the next update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klavious View Post
    Based on past timelines, fall might not be a bad guess. That would be 14-16 months after BH9 release. But I haven't seen anything from SC to suggest it's a target.

    James made it sound like I missed some sort of statement that would support that guess, though. I've only heard they haven't started it at all. However, Darian has said in the past adding a new hall level isn't as much work as something that changes the game like project blue skies, war leagues and probably even the recruiting tool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesHowlet View Post
    Previous statements lead towards fall 2020.
    I am curious as well did I miss any official statement related to future Builder Base update/contents ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercfovia87 View Post
    I am curious as well did I miss any official statement related to future Builder Base update/contents ?
    I wasn't talking about 'official' statements. Just prior to the fall update when he was directly asked about BH10 ( I believe it was a Q&A) and the future (because this update was basically nothing), Darian talked about MV plans for winter/spring/summer and where the focus was as far as updates, and sometime after that they would talk about what direction they wanted the BB to go, as far as testing things in the BB they might want to add the MV as opposed to what the first 9 BH levels were.

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    question about builder base

    Is there something coming for max BH players ?

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    Yes, the relief of being able to concentrate fully on the proper part of the game

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    Peace and quiet is already here. And it's great. Only have to do 1 battle a day to get 20 season challenge points. Maybe a few other for various other challenges.

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