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Thread: CWL participation rotation

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    CWL participation rotation

    I am the leader of a clan who has around 20 solid and regular TH13 who all want to participate in CWL and was wondering how others decide who goes in and who stays out. IMO opinion you need some reserves in case someone can't make it, so just taking the best 15 into the roster is not an option, so this question is about rotation. Do you all just take the best 15 in, or wait until someone has a shocker until they are dropped, or have a formal rotation process so that everyone gets to gain at least 8 medals? If you do rotate, do you drop everyone in turn or just the lower half?

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    Wanna make everyone happy?
    Add those 12's and play 30 v 30

    But if ur clan is pushing for champs league..
    Then get the best 15 attackers all the way..
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    Our Clan unfortunately isn’t in such a Strong Position as yours but if we were, I’d Rotate based on Availability & Wanting as many Participants as possible get the Chance of Getting 8 Stars

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    This should be in the clan wars section!

    jjpb3, I'd suggest checking out Clash with Stats, where you can view all your current CWL opponents. Knowing which clans are stronger/weaker overall would probably help you decide if and when to include your own weaker players/bases -

    For example, here is the CWL listings/opponents for my own clan South West 45 this season :-

    Hope this helps you!
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    I am the leader of a clan in champs 3. We are running an all th13 roster this cwl. We usually take 17 or 18 bases just in case people cant make it for certain days etc.

    The best way I have found is to rotate the bottom 2 or 3 bases so they each get a minimum of 4 wars. This gives everyone the opportunity to get to the 8 star total while also keeping the strength of the roster more or less consistent from war to war.

    I think this strikes the best balance between keeping everyone happy and giving us the best opportunity to win wars.

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