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Thread: Working People Dstressr

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    Working People Dstressr

    Looking for people who will play derby 300 and finish all tasks or opt out! Would love it if you chat! Relaxed hood and helpful! English speaking only but international players welcome! Manners are mandatory, but have fun and enjoy ur farm. No pressure to anything want u to enjoy ur time here! Find us at #90pgjyrr anyone can join and if u play derby u r an elder!

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    Red face Looking for active relaxed people

    Hi there would love to welcome daily players to our hood “WORKING PEOPLE DSTRESSR”. English speaking adults please. No stress no hassles and manners always required. If you play derby it is required that you complete all required tasks at 300+ points and you can request task holds to load machines.We are not serious derby players just want to be fair and you will be made elder so you can delete lower tasks. We include everyone in decisions. We have been together for 4 years and some are not playing much but leader is always on. Please try us out! #90PGJYRR( that is a zero).

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