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Thread: Clash With Saber OFFICIAL YouTube Thread

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    Clash With Saber OFFICIAL YouTube Thread

    Hi guys!
    My name is Saber, and I am from the clan The Neighborhod (#8YOP2UUJ). We are an up and coming competitive war clan, and have just reached CHAMPS 2 in SCCWL this week. I started a YouTube channel because my clan mates thought that I was a good teacher. I love clash of clans, and am really passionate about helping folks learn how to be better players!
    On my channel, Clash With Saber, you can find content about how to effectively use different attack strategies, war recaps, and advice on base development. In the short month that I have been seriously pursuing Youtube, the most popular content by far has been attack strategies. In these videos, I explain the strategic intent of each attack, and break it down into easy to understand terms before showing a replay of the attack execution. I would really appreciate any views, comments, or subscriptions on my videos, and I am always open to constructive criticism. I am currently posting a minimum of 2 videos a week, and I have 61 subscribers so far!
    Here are some of my most recent videos so you know what to expect!

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    If anyone knows how to get the thumbnails to show, that would be really helpful!

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    Nice work boss! Great work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s0fr3shh View Post
    Great videos! Keep up the good work.
    Thanks! Next one coming out today or tomorrow! One of the co-leaders in my clan has hit 357 in the world and will be showing some legends attacks!

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    Video post a couple days ago on Yeti/Pekka Smash! Let me know what you guys think!

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    Sick of Yetis yet? How about a new video on hogs at th13!

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    Wanna know how we SMASHED champ 3? Check us out!

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