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Thread: Level 102 looking for active hood.

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    Level 102 looking for active hood.

    I play often, and am fairly self sufficient, and enjoy helping others. Always polite, but not overly chatty. My favorite parts of the game are the town and the derby, so I am looking for something that is active in those. However, I am not interested in hardcore or strict derby rules. I do it primarily for the horseshoes, so I am mostly interested in a hood that can consistently get all the horseshoes, and also does not allow derby freeloaders (that do just 1 task for the rewards).

    Feel free to contact me if you think I would be a good fit, preferably before the next derby starts.

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    Sent you a pm
    Lvl 148, town 42 #ULU2U8Y

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    Hi Alythara, have sent you our ad and pm. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Still looking and considering my options. I will say that I am not interested in hoods that require purchasing the diamond task.

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    Hi I've sent you a message with my hood info, we are not very chatty either but we aim to do the best we can in our hood. We are helpful and friendly. You will definitely fit in as you are what we are looking me. Let me know by replying to the private message I've sent you. Hope to hear from you soon.
    🌼Mrs B🐝

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    Come check out Froggeroo II. We always get all the horseshoes and many times place in the top 3. We do have some rules, but most of them are common sense and courtesy

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    Thank you to everyone who responded, both in PM and here. I have chosen a hood to try, but will keep everyone in mind should things not work out.

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