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Thread: Looking for a clan

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    Looking for a clan

    were looking for level 5 clan+ that is competive, and organized in clan wars, clan games, and cwl. The clan has to be active, no drama, adult only. Me and my husband are a newly level 75 townhall 9 with maxed townhall 8 everything, my husband is newly level 126 townhall 10 with maxed townhall 9 everything, and we both have upgraded several troops and clan castle on both. The clan that we are in is the clan we made for ourselves a few months ago and we just built it to upgrade our townhalls and stuff.shorty #22vygcpclmrs. Shorty #l2ycql2g0

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    Mar 2016

    Based in US/India.

    Friends from UK, Sweden, Aus, Canada, and Mexico.

    Level 17War clan

    CWL every season, Starting 30vs30 for Jan Season
    Clan in league 1

    B2B wars
    453/175/11 ratio

    Clan games always complete

    Clan Tag #YQ8RJRJ2

    We require high FIN levels,
    enough war stars to suggest experience,
    and non rushed bases with an understanding of war weight.

    TH10+ with exceptions for th9s
    desired hero lvls as follows.

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    Tell them BadSinus or Rishil sent you.

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    Hey isabell, FuriousPhoenix would Iove to have you in our clan. It is a mixture of Mature teens and Adults and a back to back war clan with max donations and max clan games. We always do competitive cwl and are rather serious about war. I’ll send both of you a friend request and an invite if not already full. The clan is level 9 and I am Allfather Odin, the leader. Hope to see you soon

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    This thread

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    Come join FTH (F(orget) them haters) - Lvl 6 - #2002R0J9U.

    We're certainly not a very high level, but we're on our way to becoming one as the atmosphere is chill, but strict with wars. We've recently started rebuilding after many of clanmates got too busy with life and had to quit for a while. Seems like a good fit, as we are all hype bout war but also busy with other stuff in our own lives.

    Some of us are now back, with new faces added in. I believe your addition to our clan is a perfect balance, with will help all our clan level up our attacking skills as a whole. As with everyone opt-ed in, you will be certainly involved with wars mostly, and we all try our best to max clan games as well (as well as have a chance to earn co-leader). If you're interested, read the thread listed in my signature. Say "tasty invited me from forums."

    We don't expect 3* masters, but that you worked your best at attacking, and aim eventually to be the 3* professional. But if you're already a pro, then all the better!
    I also believe that there are a few members from your time zone, so you should come get to know them too

    You'd certainly be a great addition to our clan, so come visit! We hope to see you there!

    Thx to Holmes GFX for this awesome Sig! Visit his shop here
    Add me as a friend here, and I'll add u back ^_^
    Need a clan? =)
    Check mine out if you want here

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    Sent you a pm
    Seven and Seven - Leader of the clan Pick Yer Poison (Tag#LJJPVVLY).

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    Feb 2014

    You're more than welcome to stop by and see what we're all about if you'd like?

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    Seattle, WA

    Mutant X | War Clan | Level 11 | TH10+ | Mature/Adult | War, Games, CWL

    • Casual-Competitive • Multi-Clan Network • Organized • Safe & Fair Play
    • 40v40 & 50v50 Wars • 85% Win-Rate • Max Donations • Mature/Adult

    Wars M, W, Sa @ 3pm PT (UTC-7)

    Join Discord & follow instructions @
    in-game join requests not accepted
    Clan Tag: #28P220JCV —
    Recruiting unrushed TH levels 10+: TH10, TH11, TH12, TH13
    Mutant Z Feeder Clan Accepting TH7+ & Rushed Accounts

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    bump still looking for a clan

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    OzAudi Adult clan#929UPCJU .

    Check us out OzAudi Adult clan#929UPCJU . A few of us have reactivated our accounts and starting to learn again. The clan is growing and levelling up.

    I won't give you the advertising b-s most clans love, just pay us a visit.

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