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Thread: The Valley Sanctuary

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvHayDay View Post
    Do you (or anyone else) know what will happen if I try to balance my wallet by avoiding the sanctuary and going to buildings only? My concern is that I’ll be forced to pick up animals along the way, and when the total tokens they’d give me exceeds the space in my wallet, I’m wondering if the game will let me keep playing (without forcing me to buy something from the shop). I think I read a post saying that you become frozen in that situation, but I may have misunderstood.
    It will not let you keep playing or deliver the animals if your wallet is full. If it is not full, it will let you deliver the animals and only credit your delivery to the 6000 threshold. Once I had animals in my truck, I was still able to visit bldgs but it kept popping up that my wallet was full. In short, I was simply stuck. I did not want to pick up or deliver animals because I wanted to balance my tokens. It prevented that for me at least.

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    I never allowed my Wallet to get close to capacity and my Piggy Bank filled up early on in the season leaving me no choice but to deliver animals to the sanctuary. I didnít come close to delivering 400 animals so obviously I didnít ďliveĒ in the Valley. The season is over and I have 2,573 tokens unspent. I had way more green tokens and no items to spend them on. If I spend 25 diamonds, I can open my Piggy Bank, but I donít see the advantage to that as thereís little left for me to buy and only 1,200 tokens can be in the bank. This was the best season in that I was able to purchase all the items I wanted and yet the worst season by having so many tokens left over. Thank you so much for your responses.

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    In other seasons I was able to balance my tokens, but this season I let it get away from me and got a full piggy bank early on limiting me to delivering animals and so many green tokens, I could not spend them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankAll83 View Post
    I’m actually stuck in the Valley, Not only can I not deliver my animals to a sanctuary, I cannot move my truck. Anybody please help me
    The valley season ended!

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