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Thread: Most frictionless way to set up a Clan community & chat ?

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    Most frictionless way to set up a Clan community & chat ?


    I've reactivated an old Clan, recruitment and activity are picking up OK, but I find CoC's built-in communications grossly insufficient to create a sense of community and organize stuff: mail communication is zero (members don't even answer mine), the chat scrolls away too quickly, typing down strategy discussion when planning attacks is a chore...

    I'm looking for something that would offer:
    - voice chat
    - written chat
    - one channel for transient chats and one for persistent stuff (clan rules, tips...)
    - work on Windows Mac, iOS and Android so that both mobile-only and PC-equipped players can make the most of it.
    - very easy to set up and manage, many members are far from computer whizzes. Ideally, a single app.
    - I'd like to avoid FB, but if that's the only way...

    I'm sure lots of people have solved those issues already. What do you guys recommend ?

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    I'd recommend using the app Discord. We have a family of clans and communicating with one another can be difficult at times, so we've recently just switched to the app and it's great! You can join voice channels or just regular channels where you text what you want to say. You can also set up different channels according to your needs (a channel that posts tips on attacking, one that's only for leaders and co-leaders, one only for clan rules, etc.) You can also use the app on your phone or laptop. The app has many fun ways you guys can connect with each other such as playing games, posting memes, listening to music together, etc. It's a great way for members to communicate and get to know each other so I'd definitely recommend it!

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    Yes Discord is the answer.

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    Thanks you two. I'm working on it !

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