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Thread: (TH11) When should I go to th12.

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    (TH11) When should I go to th12.

    Alright, so currently, I am a TH11, with everything maxed not counting a couple defences. My Queen is 50, King is 47, Warden is 13, Lab is done except for Dark spells and a couple dark troops.

    Walls are all level 11 and I have 20 Level 12 walls

    I was wondering, Once a max all my defences (Like 8 left) should I upgrade to TH12 or max all my walls first.

    My current plan is will upgrade to Th12 once I start wasting loot, what I mean by this is if I have nothing else to upgrade with dark elixir, So lab and king is done, Ill upgrade despite walls not being done.

    Should I follow this idea or do something different.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, first time posting here.

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    Your current plan seems fine but you should have preferably maxed warden along with the King before going to th12.

    Questions like these can be posted in the "Tactics and strategy" section.

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    Yes, this is not technically base deisn. But finish the lab, get the warden up, and grind as many walls as you can...but definitely if you start wasting say DE it is time to start the upgrade. Max troops and heroes will make TH12 much easier to start.

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    Id say max out gw asap ad move on

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