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Thread: Past TH9. Made a fresh start

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    Past TH9. Made a fresh start

    Used to play a lot in the past, lost my TH9 account. Now TH5 looking for active english war clan. Im a very active user, usually attack to farm. Not much of a trophy pusher. and donate to clan mates. I also dont rush my bases. I am not the best attacker so i would prefer a laid back clan that is not so furious about messing up on attacks.

    I am no longer looking for a clan. i have found a home. clash on and thanks.

    In game name: BONEZ98
    Experience level: 22
    Town hall: 5
    Trophies 685
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    #2P2YPQRLP come check us out

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    Experienced war clan - FuriousPoenix. Constant war and max cg. Currently in cwl but would love to have you in wars afterwards. Level 9 and on our way to 10.

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    This thread

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    You sound like our type of player- active daily, still farming to grow your base, and willing to war for the fun of it. Chaos Campus (Clan Tag: #8JPQVYJU) is an adult clan striving to find the balance between farming and doing easygoing yet competitive wars. If this sounds good to you, please mention you came from the Clash Forums in your clan request. Hope to see you soon!
    Clash Update Wish List: 1. New single player maps (or update the Goblin village loot every season) / 2. Leaders select words to censor in Clan Chat Filter for their clans. / 3. Revenge List Maintenance allowing player to delete attacks &/or make notes / 4. Chat with Rival War Clan in a War Chat (Make a 3rd tab next to Global & Clan) / 5. Ban/Block List to keep certain users from requesting to join your clan

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    Hello there,

    I have recently started up a new war clan named DarkPhoenix. We are still in the developing stage but we still get good donations as Im a th11 willing to donate solid troops. We also have constant B2B wars. Clan games still is developing and so is cwl but they are getting better and better. Hope you can take a look at us.
    Sincerely, Zaz of Dark Phoenix
    Clan Tag: 2P8PLLQOC

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    Join my clan

    Brothers or in russia Братья (level 4) ): 26+ wins |
    Join #VQLJUVGL

    About Us:
    International Members
    B2B Wars
    Team Player family friendly, fun and supportive
    Mature Clan kids are welcome, but expected to be mature (mostly )
    Fair Play - No mod / engineering / rushed

    Looking for:
    ANY town hall level
    Use both attacks

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