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Thread: Seaweed Salad : Looking for active members

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    Seaweed Salad : Looking for active members

    Hello clashers,

    My new clan (created on 1-1-2019) is recruiting for wars. We need players of town hall 8 and up who are active, participate in clan games, and are competitively trying to push trophies and win wars. We speak english. Join today and be a part of our wars (twice a week starting January 3!

    Here is my clan tag: #28P22LJQ8

    -Baba Ghanoush
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    First war has begun! Still recruiting!

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    Hey guys, we are accepting TH5 and up now. We won our first war ����, and we are still looking for active members (even though we are invite only.) Join us! -Baba

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    War 2 in the bag. Join up for active clan wars!

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    Clan just leveled up to LEVEL 2!! Still looking for active members to attack in war. JOIN UP!

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    Hey yo!
    Our clan is on a 5 - 0 Undefeated 20v20 war streak!
    Join today to support our madness 💪

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    Clan is UNDEFEATED!!! Join up today if you are active and want to participate in war, clan games, clan war league!

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    Join up today for active clan wars!

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    We are trying to build members so we can do larger wars. Join for active donations and war!

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    Our clan is still UNDEFEATED in war!! If you want to participate in clan games and have an active clan, join us!

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