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Thread: Please fix the interaction between Rose and Derby tasks.

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    Please fix the interaction between Rose and Derby tasks.

    I had a derby task of collecting 37 milk. I was at 30/37 and decided to activate my 12h free Rose booster. I come back a couple hours later to see that Rose had collected the milk from all my cows, and it hadnít counted for the derby task. Well, that might not seem so bad, but... not only did she collect the milk, but left the cows hungry, even though I had plenty of cow feed in my storage.

    Well, I would have liked to get some sleep earlier, but I now had to wait an extra hour for the cows to produce milk, since the task would end in the middle of the night. Now, I kind of forgot to come back to hay day immediately at the time when the cows would be ready. I was 4 minutes too late. 4 minutes. Thatís all it took for Rose to collect the milks herself again. Leaving the cows hungy, again. EVEN THOUGH I HAD ENOUGH FEED, AGAIN. Thus preventing me from finishing the task as I was not gonna stay up to 3 am for this.

    Please, either make Rose count for derby tasks, or make her not interfere with your current tasks.

    sigh. End rant.
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    Hi vGhost. Sorry you had such a rough time. It is possible to set Rose (and Ernest) to feed your animals after she harvests.

    It’s also possible to stop her collecting during a derby task by reducing her milk collection goal (or any goal) to zero and then re-adjusting it after the task is over.

    It’s in her settings button which you access after you tap on her.

    Hope this helps for next time.
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    I think this is working as intended. The issue has been discussed before. As BostonGirl suggests, Rose's behaviour can be easily controlled by changing her settings. Personally, I simply don't use Rose when the derby is on, but do use her for restocking my barn - in combination with Ernest, they can be very valuable

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    Didn't give proper instructions. Blames the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin9632 View Post
    Didn't give proper instructions. Blames the help.
    Good line.

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