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Thread: I知 really mad right now

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    1. I know how to advance it. I am just excited.
    2. The dude was th7 and that was his main.
    3. My feed should be on my profile? That’s very strange. I’ll quote it in a second

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    A clan is just a name initially.. What makes the difference is the bond you build with guys and girls that you spend your on line time with..
    But sometimes things change.. The guy I started the last clan with, we spent over 2 years building it up to level 12, with over 200 wins, as well as time at the clan previous to that..
    We would often type the same things simultaneously.. That is close.. That is the bond you forge.. Where you are on exactly the same page..
    Yet, when things changed for me, I handed over that clan and pulled my accounts.. Set up camp in our low cwl overspill clan..

    I didnt rage quit, I simply decided we were heading in different directions..
    Luckily for you mate, you dont have any emotional ties to the membership, so should be easy to move on..
    Its only 300k gold after all.

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    not interested in thread counts/titles just a guy on the forums chatting away
    Quote Originally Posted by Colin94 View Post
    Just learn from your mistake.

    Some more advice:
    Don't start your own clan. It's a full time job and you need a max th13 for donations. Just join a big, well organized clan where you can get max level troops. Less stress and more fun.
    Agreed running a clan can take a lot of time however if you create a clan you for sure dont need max th13 for donations tbe only time high lev troops are needed is for warvattacks and even then max th13 isnt needed a good clan is were everyone donates what they have spare and a bad clan is one that expects its high lev player to do all the donating
    Not a spammer nor a toxic person just a forum friendly guy who likes to chat about all things clash of clans and hayday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolface2506 View Post
    So if you have been following my feed, you would know I have spent over 14 HOURS recruiting for a clan that I just recently left. I had made the clan, and I gave it to my friend from the game. But, yesterday, he left, and gave it to his friend. Well, when I asked that "friend" if I could have leader, he was being a jerk about it. Being entitled. I said, well we can do what me and your friend we're going to do, trade leader back and forth. But he was like, how do I know you won't just keep it? Well, anyways, I ended up leaving. But now what? I am very loyal, as you can tell. I donate a lot (I donated over 700 troops to people to left immediately). I'm kind of thinking of quitting. But I just love the game so much!!!
    he痴 not really your friend but is just using you.

    i would reconsider whether or not you want to keep friendship with that guy

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    Believe me OP, it's better to join a good clan and gear yourself up to be actually ready to run a clan. Otherwise, you could be in for a rough ride.

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    14 hours spent on running a clan is so much a drop in the ocean. if you're upset about losing that much time you are better off NOT running a clan. Go bounce around and join some well run clans and you'll learn what it means and the sort of time commitment involved. at this point you seem to have no idea.

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    Once you Go, you need to accept that it’s potentially gone for Ever. Certainly not the New Leaders fault you’re back & he certainly hasn’t got to give it you back.
    A Hard Lesson I’m afraid

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