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Thread: Anti E-Dragon base or TH12

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    Anti E-Dragon base or TH12


    now that my days as a TH12 have come to an end, I figured I'd show off the base I used for a pretty long time in titan 2+. It defends amazingly well against e-dragons; the builder huts near the town hall cause an early activation of the mega tesla. Additionally, e-dragons move incredibly slowly through the buildings, which resulted in mostly low 1 stars against that particular army composition.

    The hidden teslas are placed in such a way that ice golems can not tank certain wizard towers on their own.

    The red air mines are placed so that exploding lava hounds do not trigger them prematurely.

    Other strategies usually scored a two star victory.

    Since it's such an "old" design, I can not provide any replays.

    Keep in mind that there might be an extra black seeking air mine in there due to TH13.

    Base image:

    Village link (TH13, the eastern part has to be adjusted by you):
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    Hey I like the look of the base. I just have a few questions/queries. What did you have in your defensive cc? (hound is best?) Also, what is the reasoning behind havig that xbow around 9 o'clock and that inferno tower up near 12 (both can be reached from the outside by queen for example). I'm not a good base builder, just curious haha

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    I attack by EDrags most of the time for farming in Legend league and would attack that from the top/right side as neither blower is pointed that way and looks pretty easy to funnel. That is the only weakness I see.

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    The base looks weak vs air as sui heroes can easily reach almost all the ADs. But definitely Rage my BK I could easily get your 9 o'clock AD and the AQ could get 1 of the others very quickly. Also the 3 o'clock side is very vulnerable to a AQ walk/Charge. But no base is perfect. If it did well against mass edrag spam then I applaud you, but those are not the hardest attacks to defend just common in Titans and Legends.

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