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Thread: Could not find a member to invite in the clan

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    Could not find a member to invite in the clan

    Hello,I am building a clan and I also need members to join in my clan. However, when I search for members use the feature 'find new member' in clan . I did not find a list of players, I have changed the labels and some rules but nothing has changed, until I delete the game data and the results have not changed. How to handle it ?

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    Seems strange to get no list at all..
    Are you a single player without any clan members?
    Without any labels, a list of 64 names came up when I tried.
    With Hungry learner, Newbie, and Amateur highlighted, I got 64. These are unlikely to be popular choices..

    So either you have a bug, or there is something put in place whereby a clan needs to be at a certain point to qualify (is impossible to be doing it wrong, since you simply hit the "find new members" button).

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