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Thread: Want to get HD pictures of every clash of clans troops and heros.

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    Want to get HD pictures of every clash of clans troops and heros.

    Hello clashers. I have been searching the photos of all troops and heros of clash of clans. But i did not get any good definition. Do you guys have any website to download good quality picture. Any link ? I want to set those pictures as my wallpaper .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Hey Clashers, Chiefs, and Talented Content Creators,

    Here is the updated Clash of Clans fankit for all of your content creation needs. We've added new images from Town Hall 12 and Builder Hall 8, including the Electro Dragon, Super PEKKA, as well as images of the Siege Machines and Hero Skins released so far. Also added were images of the various Magic Items that have been added to the game.

    The link to the updated fankit can be found here.

    All images are in .PNG format with transparencies.

    When creating content, please read our Fan Content Policy for usage guidelines.

    All are in .PNG format with transparencies.
    Here you will find it
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