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Thread: Recuitment Thread for SavageMoistBois! NEW Extremely Active War Clan

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    Cool Recuitment Thread for SavageMoistBois! NEW Extremely Active War Clan

    Welcome to Our Recruitment Thread!

    Not too long ago one of my friends from high school and I decided to jump back into COC with the idea of creating a war clan composed of unrushed bases and very active members.

    Clan Tag:


    TH6 MAXED (troops, walls, buildings) and up
    War Oriented
    Ages 16-30
    Unrushed Town Hall

    TH5 and up
    Active Daily
    Willing to Donate
    1000+ trophies

    Elder is a privilege and is earned when you have shown excellent war participation (both attacks used appropriately for at least 5 wars) and donated 500 troops.

    Rushed Bases
    If you have a rushed base you are more than welcome to join our clan, but you will be less likely to participate in clan wars. We are starting from the ground up here and appreciate all new members fitting the requirements. We are very willing to help you unrush your base so you may participate in war.

    There is no application just go ahead and join the clan!

    We are very excited for new members thanks for taking the time to read our thread!

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    SavageMoistBois is still looking for active members TH5 and up!

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    SavageMoistBois is looking for active clashers to join us for clan war league in the next 8 hours!

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    Daily bump time! We have been growing and look forward to new members

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    Bump time!

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    Bump time!

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    bumping! Come join the clan!

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