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Thread: [GFX Shop] AlienDrew's Clash Themed Banners

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    Talking [GFX Shop] AlienDrew's Clash Themed Banners


    I'm not new to graphic design, but I'm not a pro either. However, I do find myself to be fairly skilled enough to create things such as banners. I don't own Adobe Photoshop, so I don't use that, instead, I use an open-source alternative named GIMP. If I create a banner for you, I could also give you the source file (.xcf) that GIMP uses, in case you want to add things onto it later, without me.


    • You must at least have 15 or more posts on the forum
    • Provide me with your player tag in Clash of Clans

    (will be default if not otherwise specified)

    • Colors:
      • Player name = White
      • Player tag = Gray
      • Town Hall (text) = Gradient of 2 colors based on troops unlocked/popular for that hall.
      • Builder Base (text) = Gradient of 2 colors based on troops unlocked/popular for that base.
      • Rectangle Outlines
        • Standard = Silver
        • MAX (entire game) = Gold

    • Images: (provide links to images if you want to replace the default)
      • Middle image = Your highest achieved league
      • Background = Default free non-copyright image matching the current Town Hall


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