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Thread: Looking For New Members TH7+ For War + Clan Games

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    Wink Looking For New Members TH7+ For War + Clan Games

    Hi everyone!

    Most recently my cousin and I started a new clan called ClashFront which is the official clan of our new website Our website allows you to check the average hourly loot for each league and town hall level that players are getting in Clash of Clans and uses real data from real users! Aside from the website though, we are looking to grow the clan and our community and hopefully start something great. If you need a clan, here's some reasons why you might want to consider joining us.

    • Constant Clan Wars 24/7
    • Over 2.0 Win Loss Ratio in clan wars
    • Daily active members
    • Active in clan games
    • Talkative
    • Competitive
    • We donate the correct troops
    • We are competent unlike 99.9% of people on this game
    • Potentially setting up a discord in the near future
    • We have a website, how cool is that lol

    If you are interested in joining here are a list of our simple requirements:

    1. Donate correct troops
    2. Set war indicator off (on Red) if you don't wanna be in war
    3. English speaking
    4. Stay active
    5. TH7+ (if you'd like to merge your clan into our clan we can make exceptions)
    6. Don't beg to be promoted (Elder is given to those who actively participate in war)
    7. Read clan description before joining

    That's about it. Currently the clan is only level 3 so we need more people to get it off of the ground! Hopefully I didn't come off as some sort of dictator or something in this post but like I said there are a lot of incompetent people on clash and we are just trying to avoid that and actually get this clan off of the ground. The clan tag is below if you're interested in joining and we hope to see you online! Also, my username on Clash of Clans is ac in case you were wondering who wrote this.

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