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Thread: Where do people get their war bases?

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    Where do people get their war bases?

    I'm trying to figure out how people come up with their war bases.

    I know some of the best players in the game can design their own bases. At my level of expertise, it would take months of trial and error to come up with a base which might work.

    Then, there's the online bases. I'm thinking about the bases which I see 10 times a day in Legendary league. That one ring base which every uses... and that rectangular base, and that V shaped base going one way or another. So, the bases which make legend league so boring at least below 5500 trophies. Honestly, sometimes I'm just going through the motions these days just not caring if I get 0 stars or 3 stars. The bases are just getting that repetitive and boring.

    So, I was thinking of just buying a subscription service to copy bases from someone who is pro. Then, at least those bases wouldn't get copied a bunch of times and the bases might be at least semi new.

    Any ideas?

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    I have always copied mine from other players. I used to visit other clans during wars and look at their bases and copy any good ones. I will take screen shots of good bases then copy them from the picture. One of the best town hall 12 bases I have ever copied was from a stream during war.

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    I've copied enemy war bases via screenshot and remaking it bit by bit.
    Had to watch replays a bunch of times to figure out trap placements, then adjust traps accordingly.
    I've ripped based of off the internet too, and just adjust trap placements.

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    There are Numerous Websites that you can find Bases of all descriptions. I tend to follow the lead of JtB & joemann and copy Bases that I come up against especially if I’ve struggled against them. I then Post them as FC’s and watch how my Clanmates Attack it to enhance my Understanding for Next Time

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