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    Keep up the good fight, merry Xmas and happy new year fellow clasher
    friends and fun (est dec 10th 2014)
    thx terminus for the amazing sig

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    amongst the stars
    Merry Christmas, may there be many more

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    Merry Christmas Yangerlongchar. Just goes to show doctors a not always right. I'm sure you already have but look into alternatives to the main stream advice... The body has amazing healing capabilities. Enjoy Christmas and have a happy new year with many to come. 😎

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yangerlongchar View Post
    I can't remember how long I have been playing coc, but it's 3 years now since I've been a cancer warrior... it's Christmas day here in my place and am home alone... not actually alone because I'm with my 8 coc accounts... there were many a time that I felt isolated and thought that I was going to die all alone... but coc was always there to lift up my spirit... Jan of 2019 my oncologist gave me 4 months to live but hey... it's Christmas today... here I come 2020 along with my chosen barbarians, archers, goblins and giants to loot you... am confident that together with my troops we are going to celebrate many more Christmases... thank you CoC...

    We're honored to have such a fighter as a member of our community. Just remember you're never alone and we're always here.

    -The Clash Team.
    AKA Tank Puppy

    If you have account-related questions like account bans or Supercell ID issues, please contact Player Support at this link. Please note that Community Managers and Forum Moderators are unable to assist or answer any account-related questions.

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    Glad to hear that
    Merry Christmas Yangerlongchar may you celebrate many more of it.

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    If you have will you could fightback anything! So glad to hear that! Wish you a safer life and merry Christmas!
    Hey all,
    It is with a heavy heart that we are here to inform you that we have decided not to continue the Rush Wars beta.
    Come hangout with me on discord. See bio for id.

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    Wow... so many replies... thank you Everyone, i really appreciate it. God bless you all and yes... Merry Christmas... you guys just made my Christmas more

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    Hey mate, I usually check the forum just for fun and didn't log in for quite some time. You post though made me log in cause I felt I want to write back and support you. It is really great that the game keeps you up, I can only wish you all the best ahead. Stay strong and clash on!

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    Such a powerful story. May you be cancer-free for the rest of your life. I’d say join a very social clan to help with the loneliness (*ahem* DarkIceWarfare *cough*), but most importantly clash and fight on!

    Thanks so much to TerMinus Prime for the sig pic!
    King: 50 Queen: 51 Warden: 20 BM: 29
    Clan: DarkIceWarfare

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    Merry clashmas friend! Keep fighting. If you are such a warrior in life Iím sure you are an asset to any clan you are in!

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