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    Legends can't be worth it

    Been playing COC daily for 6 years now (not sure how I feel about that) and I never climbed the cup rankings any higher than Champions until this weekend.

    Recently I left my home clan because there was someone there I couldn't take any longer, I opted to head out. Been parked in a lvl 1 clan with my couple accounts to donate to myself until I could find a new home clan and for some dumb reason I decided to climb the cup rankings with my main out of boredom.

    Just getting through Titan lvl 2 was bad with the clouds but Titan 1 is almost unbearable. I'm at about 4800 cups and decided that IF I can persevere through this and somehow make it to 5k so I can get a pretty little gem icon on my profile I am dumping cups immediately after.

    To all the players that live up in upper Titan and Legends I ask you WHY?

    In the past I remember other clan members complaining about clouds and I never understood the benefits to being up in that mess. Many explained it was because of the massive loot bonuses given but IMO no mater how large the loot bonus is it's just not worth this much headache just to find a single base to attack.

    So, am I missing something? Is it bragging rights? These loot bonuses aren't all that great and it takes easily a half hour to find a good base. Dropping to gold sounds so good right now lol, finding loot filled bases in under 5 minutes just makes more sense to me. Sure it may not be as much of a challenge but these clouds are pure torture, it makes me not even want to load the game knowing I'll need a solid 30 minutes to accomplish anything.

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    I've been playing 7 years and also not sure how I feel about that :P

    To note, there are no clouds after 5000 cups, but you are limited to 8 attacks a day.

    There is some presteige to it, and they have legend trophies you can accumulate to show for that.

    I also find attacking the small bases in gold a bit boring and not much challenge, and enjoying having a shot up much higher.

    I think this game you are welcome to go through different phases, I'd recommend giving legends a shot till end of season, just to see how you enjoy it, and if you really detest it then I guess leave it for others that may enjoy it more...
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    Quote Originally Posted by addictindenial View Post
    To all the players that live up in upper Titan and Legends I ask you WHY?
    Maybe that is the reason they play clash - pushing

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    Last month was the first time I tried to push to legends just to try something new. I'm about halfway done with TH12 so I'm only able to stay in low legends but I really like the loot bonuses and 8 attacks per day is plenty for me as a casual player. Raiding dead bases with barch and goblin knife was getting boring so I'm really enjoying legends
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    I can see how after so many years it would be a phase type of thing, once you've put in so much time you might as well climb up the rankings as this just gives one more avenue to keep the game fun for those that are interested. Strong bases do exist down in lower levels for anybody who hasn't been there in a while, usually I stayed in Masters, the loot was great and there was plenty of non-dead, mostly maxed TH12s to challenge yourself with but NO CLOUDS

    That is great to hear that the clouds are eliminated in Legends, I appreciate that information Knowing that the clouds are gone up there provides one heck of an incentive to push through the 5K mark.

    After pushing this far I'll probably take your advice to check Legends out despite the 8 attack daily cap.

    Now I just need to convince myself to load the game knowing I'm in the worst possible spot of Titans when it comes to clouds, what a headache lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerMinus Prime View Post
    Maybe that is the reason they play clash - pushing
    To each their own. Now that I know the clouds are gone in Legends it makes more sense. Titans=Hell on earth IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by addictindenial View Post
    To each their own. Now that I know the clouds are gone in Legends it makes more sense. Titans=Hell on earth IMO
    It was same for Legends back then. Now they changed the Legend League attacking system, Titan League earned that spot.

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    If you max out or get close and are fairly casual legends can be fine. Personally being a recent TH13, like many others, if you want to farm go back to where you farmed as a lower be honest I think I spent TH10 and 11 in Champs and that is fine for loot, now with clouding Titan 2/3 to Champs is much better even as a TH12 or TH13...but I know people farming below Masters too at TH13 But if the loot in Legends is fine for you then just stay. Otherwise the only reason to be in Legends is for a little more challenge of bases, but yeah some do it because they think it matters, but in all honesty it does not matter where you farm, as long as you are enjoying it.

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    I see titans as the hell you have to go through to finally reach paradise. Legends is plenty of loot, and no clouds at all.

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    As a recent member of legends I went thru titan with 10-20 second clouds(second account in t1 and its brutal compared to a month ago)pre update. Titan 1 clouds have been pushed much longer with an update then games which of course make for cloud woes. Stick it out, I did not think I would like legends but am staying as the loot is great and it has added a few tricks to my resume and u dont lose loot and of course, no clouds. If you can make many more than the 8 attacks per day then obviously lower leagues will be better for loot. Good luck, if u come across me, it should be an easy three star.

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