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Thread: Am I Wrong?

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    Am I Wrong?

    We had a Clan of 48.
    After our last war, I kicked out any member that did not use any of their attacks.

    The members that only took one attack and there were stars to be had, some on quite low level bases on the enemy side, I demoted from Elder to member, even though we won the war hands down.

    Other members were surprised at me demoting good players. My attitude was, if they were good players, they would have used both attacks and were subject to the rules no matter how good they are.

    The 'Good Player' said he had waited overnight for an Electro dragon. I had donated twice to the guy withing 2 hours of the end of war! I have noticed that this person always left his attacks until the last minute in wars. I have always stated that the first attack must be taken in the first twelve hours on their match.
    Regardless, he could have attacked without donated troops one of the lower level bases to get stars.

    Just because we were winning, no-one should 'take their foot of the pedal'

    I had sent messages about taking attacks towards the end on the war.

    Do you think I am being harsh? I just want a nice 'tight' clan.


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    It's tough being a good leader. Sometimes you are required to take actions against a few to keep the rest in line. Sometimes you need to give in a little. Those who always attack twice and misses once an attack can be punished by let him skip a war. Newbies always kick immediately if they miss an attack in one of their first wars.

    But what helped a lot in my clan is I always tell a new member our rules. Of course they know the rules already, but it makes it clear for him and it is a reminder for the rest of the clan what the rules are. If you do so, you can be sure every member knows what is expected from him and what the consequences are if he doesn't obliges the rules.

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    I have given in in the past and let it slide where there has only been one out of the two attacks.
    I had stated many times about taking the second attack so I decided to get firm. I had warned that any members not using their second attack may be excluded from next CWL.
    I felt that if I let it go, it would just happen all over again.

    Many thanks for your support, it is appreciated.


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    As long as you have stated rules or know expectations for war, you did the right thing. If players are opt in, they should be expected to attack. Itís extremely discourteous to everyone else putting effort into winning wars.

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    You need to run the clan your own way and tell everyone what you expect. If they disagree, better to lose them now. If you find your core is contracting then rethink some things.

    One of our biggest issues is players who give no thought to needing cc troops and/or don't toggle guard/sleep to save war cc troops.

    Our clans members are free to opt out no questions asked but if the badge is green we expect commitment.

    We kick anyone that doesn't let us know they can't attack when instructed or doesn't use both attacks. If we know up front, fair enough, they stay.

    I don't think demotion works in most situations but then I think the only ranks needed are Leader and co (the others are meaningless really).

    Good attackers are common enough. Team players are much harder to find.

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    If running a war clan is what you want...
    Than you were right to kick everyone that didn't attack. That's your duty as a clan leader.
    Players that always let their attacks to the last minute are not good players (unless that's your war strategy). Those players will always come up with excuses to not attack such as bad donations or personal emergencies. You should ged rid of this type of player as soon as possible.
    Players using only one attack is a sign of lack of respect and team spirit and those players should be marked for provable expulsion in the near future.
    No good player will stay in a clan where not everyone uses their both attacks at war. Those missing attacks are repelling the players that you really want to keep in your clan.
    Actually, the best clans are usually formed by former clan leaders tired of managing bad players. Good luck in your quest as clan leader.
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    I don't think you are wrong Since you have your own clan goal and policy. Best luck to get new member suited to your clan 👍.

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    It’s Your Clan and as long as Your Rules are Clear, Reasonable & above all Without Favour I see No Problem What so ever.

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