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Thread: Who Is It That puts your ideas into the game?

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    Who Is It That puts your ideas into the game?

    Hello Everybody!. I was just Wondering..

    this is maybe a silly question. but i do not know.
    when someone Submit a new idea.. who is the person that talks to the hay day team and try to put it in the game?

    for instance. Im a "Fresh spawner".
    there are "Moderators" and muuuuch much more other titels..
    but, how does someones idea get to hay day?

    is it the moderators who thinks "hey.. this could work!" and go to the hay day team and tell them... or does the hay day team self read post? or.. how.. who makes your idea possible to get into the game.?

    i tried searching for this question but could not find it.
    thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum! That’s a good question.

    Our Community Manager, Nick, relays the suggestions to the Hay Day Developers.

    The moderators (and us forum users) check if the ideas are good, ruled out etc. to make Nick’s job easier to manage.

    Everyone can discuss the idea, moderators can close or delete it and the Community Manager gives the ideas to the developers (and can also close or delete it like the moderators).

    Anyone else want to add anything to this? Feel free! Or correct me if I made a little mistake
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    Thank You for the Answer. I understand now😉

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