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    Valley season 6

    So I just entered the valley and Iím a little concerned.

    First, the number of animals required is 400!!!!

    i donít see ANY animals near me, and Iíve restarted the game several times, my hoodmate says there is a symbol for a giraffe and hippo right next to either the animals are only placed for each person [unlike chickens) or thereís some kind of unresolvable glitch.

    Picking up 400 chickens would have been hard enough but you not only have to pick them up, you need to spend a LOT of gas to get them to these sanctuary spots.

    the first fuel place wanted 10 diamonds for 10 fuel. No thanks, thatís not nice.

    overall, Iím not liking this so far.

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    Ive picked up an animal,right next to a sanctuary,drove there,now have to wait 30 minutes to complete delivery!
    The tokens collected are going straight to my piggy bank
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    The wait for 30 minutes to drop off the animal is RIDICULOUS

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    oooh, i was hoping not much of a change in season 6, also i see again less scrolls, season 5 was the best, short, not stressfull and better gifts.
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    I was so excited to see the fuel station in the valley.

    Wait-5 diamonds.

    No thank you.

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    My first fuel station was 10 diamonds !! Are you kidding.

    And it’s 5 diamonds to speed the 30 minutes for dropping off a sanctuary animal.

    And the animals disappear as you’re driving to them.

    and they are no where near the sanctuary stations.

    and they are not consistent within the neighborhood, so telling your hoodies to pick one up doesn’t work because they aren’t on their map.

    this is awful - doubting we will get to 400 animals without spending a ton of diamonds, which I’m not doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aardvark10 View Post
    The wait for 30 minutes to drop off the animal is RIDICULOUS
    Don't do like I did, double tapped thinking I was dropping it off and instead sped up the 30 minute wait for 5 diamonds.

    Im starting to think the intensity of diamond grabbing has severely increase with the introduction of this season.

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    Ny truck is stuck with a hippo in the back and no more fuel for the day (Iím not wasting my time getting more with the options available). Only seen one sanctuary and driven way off it, so no where to dump the critter. Driving back and forth to the sanctuary seems like a huge waste of fuel.

    The fuel station I tried wanted 15 diamonds for a refill. Not happening.

    The prizes this season are abysmal, one booster, two scrolls. The rest are one of various Ďems. Not worth the effort.
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    Well my take on the new valley is its interesting and fun but a tad annoying and confusing i just feel the targets are set to high and now not only do we have to put up with our trucks breaking down and being out of action for 2 hours but when we unload a sanctuary animal theres a 30 min wait meaning what was once a fun pick up and play game has become even more time consumng
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    This is awful, I picked up two elephants and one escaped. So I have one elephant, nowhere near the drop off, and no way to get to it without buying a lot of spins or extra fuel.. 400, are they kidding.😠

    Unless I'm missing something this task is impossible without spending lots of diamonds.

    Maybe the piggy bank feature will be good, but don't know whats on offer till the end, so
    don't know what to aim for.

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