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    Quote Originally Posted by SomePeopleCallMeMaurice View Post
    This is nothing new. There is ALWAYS a huge offensive boost to odd number th due to the new hero. The gap between th10 and th11 is much larger than the gap between 11 and 12. The biggest difference between 12 and 13 is not the healers and 5 levels of queen. It’s the 20 levels of royal champion. Let’s not forget that even with the current max th13 defenses, there have not been additional levels to archer towers yet. I would expect to see them arrive in June along with balance changes.
    This make perfect sense.
    I expect a level of Archer Tower to be added too, that should reduce the 3 star rate to normal level.

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    we're seeing an over 50% 3 star rate at th13 right now in war but as the defenses progress i'm sure it will drop soon. I've been hitting a couple bases in the upper reaches of legends where players have gemmed most of the new defense levels and I was not getting the 3 star on them.

    This is usually how the cycle goes for new updates. I'm sure there will be a defense buff and a slight tweak to the new troops in the next coming months.
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    If we just give a little thought about it there's nothing to be discussed here.
    You are telling us th13(maxed troops) vs th12 (defenses) that th13 shouldnt get a 3star from a maxed th12? Oh man.

    Lets make it easier to grasp, because higher townhall levels seems magnanimus to our views.
    Let say TH10 maxed troops & heroes VS th9 max def. Do you really think there was annomalies, malfunction, troops problem or statistics needed to show who has the upperhand? Do we really expect a th10 shouldn't be a able to hit a 3star from th9.?

    As we know and most of us aged here in clashing. Difference in TH surely gives you advantage, discussing this issue was futile in a sense most defenses wasnt there yet.

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    Did you saw the livestream just before update? 3-starrimg rates were roughly same as before 12/15 stars in 5v5 on average.

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    base design is more important soon there will be better bases at th13 which will be able to defend yetis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    At the moment many people have the troops they use maxed (and in some cases heroes too). Very few have defences maxed.

    Of course 3 star rate will be higher until defences catch up.
    This is the correct answer.
    On maxed th12 i used to have 30%-40% 3 star rate but against th13s last war i six packed.
    It's not that i suddenly got much better, it's the hammers that upgraded 2 of my main troops and a spell that made it possible.
    (queen 67, king 65, warden 40, champ 5)

    Bases only have the scattershots in place, almost no other defense is upgraded so its basically a th12s with 2 scattershots vs much stronger offensive army.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zbarbiankingpekkaarch View Post
    Just watch youtubers like Eric from OneHive .. there were max Th13 shown completely destroyed in like 1:50 seconds
    I saw that, and I also saw Eric spent the first day of the update gemming (well, and hammering/booking) most of the update to completion on the first day. There's certainly nothing wrong with this (and he justified why he's doing it), but you have to keep that in context. Well, that and the fact he's an elite attacker.

    This is anecdotal, but I'm certainly getting hit by TH13s in legends since the update, and I don't see any more 3-stars than I did before. And, I don't even have my scattershots yet (I'll be buying them today when my gold storages finish)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zbarbiankingpekkaarch View Post
    Forums like this here are to discuss certain things, why should I quit complaining.
    Fact is that the Th13vs th12 hitrate is much higher than it was from th12 vs th11
    ....erm, the tripple rate 13 vs 13 is high, very high, so why complain about 13 v 12 ??

    As has been said, it's mostly poitioneering that makes the attack possible at max whereas defence is Th12 level with most scattershots at lvl1.

    I do expect this to change during next season, when potions will have run out and defences will have gone up a notch.

    The strongest addition to the Attack is the new Hero imo, she makes the difference between 2 stars 70%+ and the tripple.

    Have Fun
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    Between our clan’s last two wars only 2 TH 13 bases out of 13 possible have been 3 stared........ certainly wouldn’t say the 3 star rate is too high. lol
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    I popped out of legends and am now attacking 12's and level 1 13's. Attack Log shows 15 out of 16 3 stars (I have some 99/98s because I kill the raid once all loot is gone but I'm counting those as 3). Defense log has 34 entries with 8 3-stars (counting anything over 90% as 3 star). So why the discrepancy?

    Well unlike in legends I am now picking FARMING bases that I WANT to hit... bases that allow me to grow loot the fastest. I'm not sure if I've even faced a scattershot yet. I am finding bases I bet I couldn't 3-star and I simply hit NEXT. This morning I actually had a zero star defense against a 13 that was maxed 12 (all blue walls) who hit me with a full edrag/loon and got dismantled by my level 5 townhall, inferno and an air sweeper - simply ground to bits thanks to TH.

    Be interesting to hear from the legends folks... my guess is they are settled into the same 3 star rate they always had.

    BTW... My Champion has was down through all that log activity I just mentioned.

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