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Thread: Which option is better for 120 CWL medals? [TH13]

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyBeam View Post
    And 4 builder potions only adds up to 40hrs (less than 2 days) on a single builder..not 10
    true, but on all builders, that's why I said 6 builders 4 * 10 * 6 = 240

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    Hammers. Typically at TH13 you can hammer away 16d to 18d plus get the resources, 16M to 18M for the biggest defences. Potions give only 10d total, some flexibility though, but no resources.

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    I would personally opt for Hammers

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    Hammers have a slight edge when used on a long upgrade, ten plus days.

    But it is slight. If you are pounding out the storage upgrades and traps you can make a good case for builder potions.

    If you have not upgraded your cc yet, then use the hammer now.
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    Those answering without asking questions as though there is always one right answer are not correct. There are times where the builder potions are better like Phoenix has noted above and like the example noted by Papa.

    I've used a lot of builder potions lately for the RC because I want her done for war and that was less medals than a hammer. Now that her upgrade time is getting longer I will soon be back to rarely ever buying builder potions.

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    If I had only 120 medals from CWL and was looking at starting a TH13 upgrade which can run over 2 weeks I would almost certainly pick the hammer.

    As a slight departure from your question I have been using a mixture of hammers and builder potions in order to hasten the turnover of my 6 builders (master builder included). There is a cooldown period of 7 days on the hammer which delays how often they can be used. There is of course no cooldown on the use of builder potions. On the shorter upgrades such as the Royal Champion and the storages, I find that I am able to get more builders back quicker by using the builder potions and lopping off a few days of upgrade time.

    But I have been saving medals on both my TH12 (now TH13) accounts for a number of months in anticipation of the new townhall release. So my situation is different than the scenario you describe but it is worthwhile to note that the cooldown on the hammers throws a wrinkle into how I spend medals.

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    Hammers to get the best value since it also provide an upgrade without requiring any loot.
    As somebody said on this thread, is not logical to use vast amount of Builder Potions, it only works best when you have full amount of loot and you need to free builder in the next few hours, Builder Potions give you just that.

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    4 builder potions 6 builders = Extra 9 days' boost. So any building upgrade that takes more than 9 days is simply better to be Hammered down rather than being boosted upon.
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    Unless you have 3 or 4 heroes on upgrade at the same time Hammer of Building on long upgrade probably better than 4 builder potions.
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    I don't get the logic of multiplying with number of builders...
    It doesn't matter you have 1 or 6 builders..

    1 builder potion cuts down 9 hrs.

    Now suppose If I keep all 4 barracks on upgrade at same time and each takes suppose 5 days to upgrade

    Then using 1 buider potion will cut down 9hrs. 2 will cut down 18 hrs and so on...

    What is the logic behind multiplying with no of builders ie 4..
    You aren't cutting down 9*4 hours = 36 hrs by any chance..

    For each builder time passes equally. So if I upgrade 4 barracks at same time, all will complete at same time with or without builder potion, as it will affect all at same time.

    So using all 5 builder potions, it will cut down 5*9 = 45 hrs = 1 day 21 hrs on all 4 builders upgrading Barracks. Nothing more.
    All 4 barraks will still complete their upgrade at same time.

    So you are not cutting down 9*4*4 ( number of builders) because builders work independently.

    So considering the upgrade time involved, if using builder potion frees your builder then sure you can go for it.. or else go for hammer and instantly upgrade buildings like eagle, inferno or giga-inferno that have huge cost and time.
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