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Thread: A House Divided - seeking more active members

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    A House Divided - seeking more active members

    Alright, alright, alright! Welcome to A House Divided. We are a clan that was dead before, but rose from the ashes. We are a clan that steadily growing, warring regularly, trophy pushing, and farming. We are trying to upgrade this clan to a higher level overall to be more competitive.

    So the big question is what do you get out of this? HELP. ACTIVE PLAYERS. COMMUNICATION. DONATIONS. Essentially, help us and we will help you. We donate the highest troops we got or whatever you request. Our leader and co-leaders are experienced and decently high level (13, and 10 respectively). Leaders donate hourly. Currently we are looking and considering for a 2nd co-lead.

    Primarily we are trying to recruit mature members (adults). Leaders are in their late 20s and early 30s. We are willing to accept most players, but we expect maturity out of our members and kick players that are deliberately rude.

    All we require is you be active and communicate with us. Give us a few days of effort and we will respond in kind with all the donations we can and plenty of wars. If you don’t wanna participate in wars its cool. Just change your settings so we don’t include you. We do expect you to be reasonable with your bases. Rushing isn’t something we recommend. The higher the TH the better! As the clan levels up and grows we will adjust the requirements as needed.

    Basic rules: COMMUNICATE POLITELY. DONATE. BE FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS. It’s straightforward. Act like an adult is all we ask and be active as possible. We understand life gets in the way and its cool. Just let us know if being active is going to be sporadic. We speak English primarily and are US based. Leaders are based out of Texas and California respectively. We don’t have a donation minimum or limit set yet. That will come later.

    Eldership and Leadership can be earned by following those rules. We debate weekly (Sundays) on promotions. We are seriously considering adding some more leaders, but need to find those worthy players. If you’re active, we will take note and reward it.

    HOW DO YOU APPLY YOU MIGHT ASK?! Simple. Just look up the clan and ask to join (indicate you saw this) or message me via discord. I’m Darth Revan in the clan and iGot2TheChoppa#2047 on discord. Feel free to check us out! #2Q89CG2

    We have a discord for easier communication. It’s the clan name for the server. Here’s a simple application to use so we have some basic info on you.

    Town Hall level:
    Level of units:
    In game name (IGN):
    Whys join us?:
    *Base screenshot is nice also

    Copy and paste this application and fill it in. Post it below or message to us. Hope to hear from some awesome players soon!
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