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Thread: Sound Notifications iPhone 📱 se

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    Sound Notifications iPhone 📱 se

    Could we have the developers, add a sound notification for the iPhone 📱 Special Edition. I and several of my other clanmates have the same phone. We can not get sound notifications only banner alerts and badge alerts no sound. So it’s hard having a busy day and helping clanmates without a sound alert 🚨 option. Thanks
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    iPhone what SE?

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    Iphone 📱 SE, Iphone 4,5, and 6 sound notification issues

    I currently own an iPhone 📱 se, and previously had an iPhone 5. Everytime I download the app the sound notifications do not work, I contacted Apple 🍏 and they stated it is a developer issue and to contact the app designer. I would like to see iphone se be able to send sound notifications for our phones so we can be more active in gameplay.
    If you guys can fix this bug it would be greatly appreciated, I like the game and I would hate to have delete it. My brother has the same issues on his iPhone se as well.
    Please help us resolve this issue so we can be more supportive of our clan mates thank you.

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