Hi All,
Observed three bugs recently with new software update, hopefully team will take care of it soon.

1) Layout which allows putting flag out of main area
=> Top right line is not working for home/war base ( It will cause not to copy layout from one place to other as well)

2) Once new software update arrived, old two accounts switching crashed most of the time
=> In my case, one account was having Facebook link and other one doesn't, so every time I switch previously it used to ask me for Facebook login pop-up but with new update it happen sometime but most it keeps crashing my game
=> At the end I uninstall Game and install game again, and issue is no more coming. As it seems team removed that pop-up of asking Facebook login at all

3) After new update, on existing setup I did few attacks and observed that my ww was going straight and it jumped from that point to right side 3/4 blocks to other wall, one it went on that wall it stuck there forever. I forcefully removed my cc to break ww in attack.

Hope it helps team!

Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Bhuva.