- We are english speaking
- You must be at least 16+ years of age
- You must remain active daily
- Your base, village MUST NOT be rushed. Take your time and max everything out, learn your town hall level attack strategies and master the ability to 3 star players your town hall level!
- You must donate requested troops as much as possible, or when you are not engaged in clan war or trophy pushing, multiplayer raiding
- There is no town hall level restriction, BUT.. I do hope for players who are TH9+
- Lastly, it's a game.. so please have fun and enjoy your stay. Mingle with your soon to be fellow clan family!

There may be several or all kinds of clans with the same motive or ambition as i am proposing to you guys here in the Clash of Clans Forums, Community boards so just a small sentence about what i hope to accomplish

I have been through COUNTLESS of clans of all clan levels and only to see the clan slowly part ways, or become a dead clan, a clan full of ghost member slots that just want reinforcements and don't participate in the clan chat, clan games, clan wars or war leagues. Leaders who troll and antagonize or lead the chat into bullying of various types, also been apart of clans where EVERYONE was either Elder or Co-Leader.

I am hoping to bring forward a mature, respectful and enjoyable clan for those of you out there who are competitive but not "eSports" or Professional type of competitive. You want to find a clan that takes the serious aspects of being a "clan" serious such as Clan Wars, War Leagues and Clan Games. You're looking for mature players who are well rounded guys and carry they're weight. My clan is aiming to be a clan that might just be engineered in a way you would like to give a chance!

As i am NOT really big on forums, i leave you all with my clan's unique tag to apply and in the application say where you found my clan!

TAG: #2PGY209Q8