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Thread: Foxes

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    What about the foxes..? And how should i catch them.?

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    Catching Foxes

    I can tell you how to catch some, but not how to keep them over time. Trap them. I used stone walls to trap them. Donít let the foxes get too close to the walls or theyíll walk through them. I had to double the walls because they were able to escape single depth walls. I lost some when I put my barn temporarily in their space. Also, if you use the edit feature, youíll lose them. Iíve seen a farmer use their animal pens to trap them (cheaper). It may still be on YouTube. There are some foxes who are very stubborn and donít want to leave your farm. If these are trapped, perhaps they wonít escape. There are some farmers who have trapped more foxes than I can count without any means of entrapment. Perhaps those are the stubborn foxes and what was used to trap them was removed. Good luck.

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