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    Smile Banned at 1000 Forum Posts

    Well, I have been tracking forum titles for quite some time as can be seen in my sig. If the information is correct I should receive the “Banned” title with this my 1,000th post. I am contemplating semi retirement from the forums after this post to leave it as a historical record. Well. We will see. After a while you drop off the top 10 pages and no one sees it anyway. So its time for reflection.

    I started playing coc in early 2014 because my young son liked playing the game so I thought I would give it a try. For the first 6 months my 10 year old was better than me at playing the game. When in crucial clan wars I would give my iPad to him to do my attacks for me for betterment of the clan.

    But I improved after a while and after a year his interest was waning so I took over his clan which was made up off half dozen of his friends and a cast of others making up 50 total members. I ran the clan for the next couple of years and it was a good run. It was easy to find new members that were active in war.

    After a while the drudgery of running wars continuously burned me out and I left the clan to go join a warring clan that someone else was responsible for running and I could just contribute via my attacks. Then I got tired of the politics and went back to the clan that my son started. Today its more casual play instead of 2 hours per day like it used to be. Base was nearly maxxed prior to latest upgrade. Now there is a bit of work to do.

    I have been on and off and on the forums throughout the last several years. Complaining about those that are complaining. (Its a game get over it). Telling people to upgrade their th and play the way they want to play. And maybe lastly pointing out that “engineered bases” are actually ALL of us since we ALL design our bases the way we see fit. See you around. ��
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    Have fun, and see you when you’re ‘Just kidding’ .

    PS: you can always delete some older (and the least impactful) posts to remain at this famous title.
    Some forum areas don’t allow for deletion, like here...
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