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Thread: Th8 Trophy Pusher looking for a low level pushing clan

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    Th8 Trophy Pusher looking for a low level pushing clan

    I'm a Th8 trophy pusher currently sitting around 3900 trophies and looking to push up to titans/legends. It's be nice to have a clan of fellow low level pushers to do it with. My tag is #P8VGQCGRR

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    Join us new alliance™ level 5 clan. Active members needed

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    join our clan

    easy lvl 1 clan join...#2VU0JLUCG

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    Got a few people pushing, one of whom recently took his TH7 to legends.

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    Come check out FTH (Forget them haters) - Lvl 6 - #2002R0J9U.

    We're certainly not a very high level, but we're on our way to becoming one as the atmosphere is chill and​ friendly , but strict with wars. We've recently started rebuilding after many of clanmates got too busy with life and had to quit for a while, so many of us have also come back from a break.

    Some of us are now back, with new faces added in. I believe your addition to our clan is a perfect balance, with will help all our clan level up our attacking skills as a whole. As with everyone opt-ed in, you will be certainly involved with wars mostly, and we all try our best to max clan games as well (as well as have a chance to earn co-leader). If you're interested, read the thread listed in my signature. Say "tasty invited me from forums."

    I happened to also like an occasional push, tho not as good as you yet of course. :P

    We don't expect 3* masters, but that you worked your best at attacking, and aim eventually to be the 3* professional. But if you're already a pro, then all the better! Its also fine if you just want to farm and donate, just opt out please.

    You'd certainly be a great addition to our clan, so we hope come visit and hope to see you there!

    Btw we have a discord server, come visit there if you want as well.
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    I am the leader of Two Faced, we are a new clan looking to build a clan of strong Clashers who are good at war and want to be apart of an active clan, and treated like family. If interested consider adding #CPY2G9P0

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