If there are any TH12 or new TH13s that are looking for a good attack stratagy you gotta give this a try.
3 Ice Golem
1 Pekka
6 Wiz
13 Bowlers
9 Witches
8 Quakes
1 Freeze
1 Rage
You can swap out a few Bowlers and Witches for a few more Ice G's or Wiz for funneling but some variant of this will do work. This has been 3 staring TH13s with both scattershots at lvl 2 for me in this current war. As long as you can put the quakes in good spots so your troops have a clear path through the base it will wreck pretty much anything. Trust me, I stink at attacking and this works for me. I was just on here a few weeks ago asking for tips on how to get better at attacking so if I can do it anyone can!!! Only downside is its pretty heavy on DE.

From one noob to another give it a go, trust me!!!!!